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Director of Photography

The man with the camera.


Sound Mixer

The man with the boom.

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After becoming good friends in University David and Jonathan knew they were destined to work together.
In their younger years both had been very interested in filmmaking and were constantly making short films and videos which can be found in the depths of YouTube. 
Only after realising each-others passion for the art did they realise the possibilities. 
Through trial, error and plenty of learning along the way they have been able to create a portfolio of professional short films and have been working with the University of Central Lancashire and Manchester School of Theatre to create many showreels for their students. 
Now, the time has come to expand! 
Together with David's keen ears and Jonathan's sharp eyes the team have created Showreels Manchester!
Being an actor is hard work and surprisingly expensive! So with that in mind they aim to provide a high quality service which no-one can beat on price.
We hope we can film a project for you soon!

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